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Apliques which are decorative motifs for clothes mainly, also adorned with cords, rockets, sequins, or other beads but which are already made in one piece to be sewn or directly glued.

In addition to adorning the clothes, we can use the different paintings to decorate a bag, some shoes, a belt or even make a hairdresser.

In the first three cases, we would glue or sew, according to the possibilities we have, the decoration to the complement although there are some elements that help us to create the same but of “remove and put” as the shoe clip.

With this one, we would glue the applique to this piece and from there to the shoe so that we can remove the clip and keep the shoe as it was originally. This is useful, for example, to decorate a very comfortable shoe that we have but not very well arranged for the wedding we are going to attend.

In the case of adorning our hair, we should first look for the type of hair item we prefer: a ‘headband’, a ‘comb’, a ‘clip’, etc. Once chosen, we would place the applique either by sewing it or gluing it or both as needed. Remember that the trimmings and appliqués can be found in TERMOADHESIVOS, in which case we would glue them to the fabric by applying heat with the iron.

Lately, there is a certain tendency to use the traditional borlons or borlons typical of curtains, although thinner and more stylized, for complements and jewellery items, especially for earrings.

trimmings alamar complements and decorations for clothes

Finally, as a curiosity, we will comment on two techniques for the creation of trimmings: Frivolité and Grogrén. The FRIVOLITÉ is a variety of lace that we achieve by making a succession of knots and baguettes on a single thread using one or two shuttles. The GROGRÉN, on the other hand, which comes from the French “gros-grain” ( literally thick grain), is a fabric with a ribbed taffeta ligament, where the warp predominates over the weft. It is also known as “falla ribbon” and is widely used in hats and decorations.

trimmings02 trimmings

We hope you found this entry useful and we will soon show you, on video, all the examples we have talked about here…

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