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Fashion jewellery brooches for women

If there is one important accessory in the world of accessories that never goes out of fashion, it is fashion jewellery brooches for women, and the fact is that the big brands of clothing use brooches as an essential decorative accessory in their garments. At Vinda we are specialists in the world of beads and accessories, and that’s why we want to offer you a catalogue of brooches so that you can find the one you like best and which best suits your needs, combining them with other costume jewellery items.
At Vinda we offer you a wide variety of brooches for women, from flamenco brooches such as the resin butterfly brooches, as well as the floral brooches handmade in our workshop. To brooches for special events or parties with crystals or metallic bases.

Fashion jewellery brooches for party dresses

Brooches have become an essential accessory that helps to give a unique touch to any garment, whether it is for a special event or for everyday wear. There are numerous shapes of brooches that we can find, animals or insects, geometric figures, filigree bases… combine your party earrings and we will make your brooch to match so that you can be the perfect guest at that special wedding and without a doubt, you will not go unnoticed.

Besides, a brooch decorates wherever you wear it, not only can it be used on your lapel, but you can also use it to decorate a belt, a pamela, a coat or your chest…
Brooches with costume jewellery crystals

Fashions vary but brooches are always there and never lose their charm. Even in everyday life you can wear a brooch with crystals to go to work or have a coffee with your friends and match your look perfectly.

With a beautiful and elegant brooch you can customize that garment that by itself does not say anything, without a doubt the dress or the clothes you are wearing will attract more attention. And if you also complement it with earrings, the complete look will be ideal.

Fashion jewellery brooches are very fashionable. Vinda offers you the best quality products with exclusive designs, as they are handmade in our workshop. What are you waiting for to choose yours?