Vinda, your online beads and millinery supplies store.
In Vinda we have been selling beads, accessories and jewellery for more than 35 years.
We are official retailers of Swarovski Crystal in Spain and we have a wide catalogue of pieces that you can see in this Online store.

In our stores you can find all kinds of beads, pieces and accessories for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headdresses or any other accessory you want to create.

In addition, we have video tutorials in which we show you tricks, tips and ideas to learn how to make your own accessories with zamak, silver, gold, swarovski crystal or any other material you want.


The history of a Bead Shop so you can buy the accessories for your creations.
Our company, created around 1980, began as the corner of a small gift shop, consisting of six wicker baskets containing necklace brooches and earring hooks.

This idea arose from the need to fix accessories that deteriorated in order to continue using them was very successful and soon this collection of tiny objects grew, similes were added only in the colour of glass, wooden balls…

And so on, almost thirty years later, it has become what it is today, a place that houses hundreds of articles with which to solve any problem related to your accessories, your clothes or even your home decoration, among other utilities that appear every day.

Nowadays, this company dedicates its activity, its effort and the professionalism and desire of all its staff to the design, assembly and repair of almost any ornamental object that you can imagine and what you cannot find in our stores, we look for it.

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