Large catalogue of artificial flowers

At Vinda you will find the best quality artificial flowers that will raise the level of your hair accessory designs from the decoration of headdresses or women hats to flower headbands. We have the best catalogue of flowers on the market, with a wide variety, including peonies, daisies, carnations, hydrangeas, eucalyptus, ranunculus… We are experts in hair accessories, so we have all the materials you need to design your fascinators for wedding guests, make flower headbands and even choose artificial flowers for decoration.

Add elegance to your creations with fabric flowers, available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. The Alizee bouquet of roses, ideal for wedding guest headdresses, will delight you with its variety of colours, available in fashionable colours such as purple, bougainvillea or burgundy.

With flat flowers, the ESTELLE model is available in warmer colours, 17 cm in diameter made of organza and velvet, being flat is very useful when sewing or gluing to any base of pamela or headdress, and also to have a clasp and clip on the back, allows us to either place it directly in the hair or hook it to any garment.

Fabric flowers

Discover elegance and versatility with our exquisite fabric flowers. In our collection, you will find a unique variety of carefully selected fabric flowers to elevate your creations. Whether decorating headpieces, headbands or headbands, our fabric flowers offer a delicate and sophisticated touch.

Bouquets of flowers

Each bouquet has been created with care and attention to detail and quality. Whether you’re looking to enhance your look for a special celebration or add a charming touch to your communion accessories, our small flowers are the ideal choice. Explore our collection and discover how these delicate bouquets can transform your creations into unique and stylish pieces, adding a touch of freshness and elegance to your accessories with our small flower bouquets!

Preserved flowers

Each preserved flower is carefully selected to offer a natural and elegant touch to your creations. Whether you are designing a unique headpiece, a special tiara, an unforgettable bridal bouquet or a floral centrepiece for decoration, our preserved flowers will add a timeless charm.

Flamenca flowers

Each flamenca flower is carefully handcrafted with exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Whether to adorn flamenco dresses, complement your hairstyle or add a distinctive touch to your outfit, our flamenco flowers are the perfect choice.

Explore our collection and immerse yourself in the elegance and colour of flamenco flowers passionately crafted in our Seville workshop.