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Jewellery. Know its origin

Jewellery is the set of materials and decorations that imitate jewellery but without using precious materials; and the industry that is dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, creation and marketing of these elements. We establish, then, that the jewelry is a branch-descendant of the jewelry.

We can place the origin of the jewellery in the Ancient Egypt, since no evidence has been found as clear in any of the ancient civilizations as in this one.
The Egyptians gave great importance to the jewels and beads not only because they were symbols of wealth, social relevance or authority but because they gave them a marked magical and religious meaning. Proof of this is the discovery of so many jewelry pieces in the tombs. Just as pieces were created and worn as a mulets against evil. Something we’re still doing today.
The Egyptians also developed important metallurgical techniques that laid the foundation for the goldsmith and jeweler’s work that comes down to us today, like inlaying semi-precious stones.
During the Middle Ages, jewellery was relegated to the use of clergy, royalty and the most important merchants, so that their membership meant authority above all.
Around 1700, glass was used in its creation which made pieces too fragile. A century later, the use of semi-precious materials was introduced, which attracted the attention of the population, which was increasingly attracted to this type of piece.

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The jewelry boom came in the mid-twentieth century with the industrial revolution, when technical development made it possible for the emerging middle class to wear cheaper jewelry that until then had only been available to high society. In addition, at this time, some designers introduced pieces of jewelry to complement their textile collections. Among them, we must recognize the wonderful work carried out by Coco Chanel in this regard, completely popularizing the use of accessories in everyday life and for women of all classes. This was also helped by the fact that the main Hollywood stars in their golden years, the 1940s and 1950s, included jewellery in their clothing as a promotion for some designers who were then mass-produced for the rest of the population. This is the origin of the jewellery as we know it today.

Although in recent years, the jewelry has depreciated considerably by the incursion of “cheap jewelry” (and poor quality) mainly from China, we have advocated selling jewelry products but quality, which we could consider high jewelry. With the intention that we can create really good accessories, at the most affordable price possible but retaining the essence of the jewelry is to create jewelry with non-precious materials but not bad.

That is why all our products are made in Spain or Europe, which respects the international laws of manufacture, especially with regard to metals, whose regulations are quite strict regarding the use of nickel or lead, among other materials harmful to health. Besides giving as result more noble pieces, with better baths, better quality in short. But also with newer and more exclusive designs although we are in continuous update forced by the strong competition that we face every day and that is not loyal in all cases.

We have introduced a section in our website of High jewelry, where we have included some Turkish pieces, gold plated, matt, if you are interested in seeing them click Here, we show you some pieces that you can find in this section.

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