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Zamak Beads (Video)

pulsera de zamak

ZAMAK is a German acronym that identifies an alloy of ZINC, ALUMINIUM, MAGNESIUM and COPPER.

It is widely used in the ironworking sector due, to a large extent, to the increase in price of more common materials such as brass. Given the amalgamation of the mentioned metals, it is a quite hard material that is not at all malleable.

Nowadays, it has become very fashionable as part of jewellery by embellishing it with a bath of silver, which makes these pieces quite resistant to deterioration, unlike steel. For this reason, we can say that the different qualities of the Zamak that we use in the creation of our complements, will be determined by the quantity and quality of this silver bath.

Our zamak is a hypoallergenic material that contains 8 microns of silver, which is very resistant and we can keep it for a long time…
Although the existence of the zamak as a material in the creation of the jewellery and the complements has a quite long trajectory, since some years ago it has become fashionable due to the increase of recognized jewellery brands, which base their designs on the use of these zamak mainly in combination with other elements.

We, in our eagerness to give a high quality product, offer you the products that are born in the same factories that supply these well known brands and they are also made in Spain, a distinctive quality recognized worldwide.

In the section of  ZAMAK, you can find from religious medals (virgin of the dew, virgin medals and crosses), pendants to bracelets related to the family (specific for moms, dads and other relatives), as well as the best bracelets in the market. And a great variety of balls and pendants of the best quality at the best price to create all kinds of accessories: bracelets, necklaces, anklets and everything you can think of.

The most sold at this moment are the balls to make bracelets and the different pendants to decorate them. Because the bracelets are the most functional complement, valid in any occasion and motive of gift or memory of a trip, for example.

clasp at the ends.

bracelet of zamak

We leave you a video explaining how to make this bracelet. We hope you like it.

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