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Swarovski beads

adornar ropa con cristales de swarovski

Today we dedicate this post to teach you how to use the hotfix flatbacks from Swarovski Elements so you can customize and decorate any garment with Swarovski crystal/h2>

decorating clothes although we can also decorate with them our complements or jewellery items such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. Today we will stay with its use in textiles that we will show you in the next video.

The peculiarity of these beads is that their back has a layer of hot melt adhesive that is activated by heat. So they stick to the fabric by applying heat simply with a common iron, being very easy and fast to place. This is what we know as ‘strong’ – heat-adhesive glass beads.

We can stick them on materials such as wool, cotton, linen, viscose, lycra, silk, synthetic fibers, denim, among others… They are resistant to washing and there is a great variety of colors, sizes and cuts.
Among the range of flatbacks offered by Swarovski you can consult here>

We have the article 2078 Xirius Rose in a wide variety of colours and in its 4 sizes:SS12, SS16, SS20 and SS34, although as we are official distributors of Swarovski Elements, you can ask us for any model of Swarovski.

adorning clothes with swarovski crystals swarovski02

How to place these Swarovski elements

-Use an iron SIN output of VAPOR, as steam and water have a detrimental effect on the final result.

-The temperature selected must be between 120 and 170 degrees, or choose the wool, silk or similar moderate temperature symbol.

-Put a THICK PAPER or thin cloth to protect the fabric from indentation.

-Place the plate directly on the glass and apply pressure without moving the iron, for about 10 seconds.

-Allow to cool and use the garment.

We hope that you have found this simple technique useful. Here we show you the explanatory video so that you have a graphic idea of how it is done.

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