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Did you know it’s… mother-of-pearl?

nacre, also known as “mother of pearl”, is a hard, white, iridescent substance that is formed inside the shell of some mollusks and that produces shines and tones of different colors when it reflects the light; it is composed of calcium carbonate, organic matter and water and it is used for the creation of ornamental objects.

In this way the mother-of-pearl sheets are directly extracted or small objects are introduced into the shell where the mollusc, to protect itself, covers them with this substance creating what we know as pearl pearls.

Although nowadays there are already mechanisms for the manufacture of artificial mother-of-pearl, the use of this natural material to create jewels and adornos, goes back to the Egyptians, Visigoths, Iberians, there are even samples in ancient China and Mexico where the Yaqui Indians manufactured necklaces with pendants of mother-of-pearl that they thought protected them from all evil.

The creation of accessories and mother-of-pearl accessories reaches its maximum splendour during the reign of Elisabeth I of England (Baroque, mid 16th – early 17th century)  and begins to decline with the Industrial Revolution (19th century) when technological advances completely transformed the textile sector where it was widely used. Already in the middle of the 20th century, scientific research made possible the creation of plastic materials that imitated this natural substance, thus saving the exhaustion of natural deposits.

Today, the natural is a trend. That which is close to nature, which is little treated, is taken away. That’s why we are using again in the confection of complements which is our thing, beads of pure or natural materials; or that imitate them. Among them, there is mother-of-pearl.  We offer it in different shapes such as discs, ovals, flowers, hearts, both natural and in colors as pendants, small tears to paste, and crushed, widely used in the manufacture of flamenco accessories. </In this last case, the iridescence of natural mother-of-pearl is non-existent, as it is produced by the layers of air contained in each plate of mother-of-pearl formation, breaking down the light into its 7 colours, causing the effect of the northern aurora. NACAR 5

If you want to discover what this jewel of nature looks like, you can find it here
As always, we hope you liked the post and that you dare to create your complement with personalized mother-of-pearl.
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