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Tips to take care of your Jewelry and Accessories

Our complements are the final touch of our look, so we put them on after applying our moisturizer, perfume, makeup, lacquer, and other beauty products.

We must not use accessories of jewelry if we are going to exercise, wash our hands, swim or carry out the tasks of the home or gardening; since the contact of metals and crystals with the chlorine and the chemical products for the cleanliness, can cause besides discoloration and loss of brightness in the beads, the mismatch in the anchorages and unions of the pieces; facilitating the loss and the deterioration of the creation.

We must also preserve our jewellery from prolonged contact with matches, materials containing sulphur, dyes and abrasive soaps.
We should never wear accessories when we go to sleep to prevent them from twisting and breaking.

Proper cleaning and storage can also make our accessories last longer and in better condition. We’ll keep your colors, finishes and gloss as the first day we use them. These cleaning and storage tips apply to both finished jewelry pieces and beads that we keep at home and haven’t used yet to make any of our creations.

For the crystals, Swarovski for example, we recommend washing them by hand with warm water and some mild pH-neutral soap, rinsing them under running water and drying them with a soft lint-free cloth to avoid creating stains or scratches on the glass. It is important to dry them perfectly before storing them, as this will avoid creating fogging, which is very damaging to the glass. For the pearls, the process is similar although we must try to clean them simply with a dry cloth and in case of using soap do not use excessive water to rinse them. Under no circumstances, use acetone or alcohol because we would lose the coating of the pearl.

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For the metals there are, in the market, different specific cleaning products, although it is true that we should not use any very aggressive chemical product or cloths that are not soft and lint free to avoid scratches.

Later on we will give you specific cleaning advice for each type of metal.
Finally, we recommend to keep our accessoriesjewellery and complements in padded jewellery cases or velvet bags. For silver and other metal beads, it is best to use airtight containers to insulate them from moisture as much as possible. We can also use airtight plastic bags with paper inside. We should also avoid exposing our jewellery to prolonged periods of high heat and bright light, i.e. they should be kept in a clean, dry and dark place.

We hope you found these tips interesting and that you will take them home with you. You will see that you can keep your accessories   for longer and in better condition, assuming that we have accessories and beads of a certain quality.
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