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Dazzle at your next celebration with our bougainvillea embroidered tulle chiffon party cape in a flamingo vibe. Its versatility allows you to combine it with cocktail dresses, formal outfits for ceremonies, weddings or even in your everyday looks. Adapt your style to the occasion and stand out with this exclusive and handcrafted piece.

Celebrate beauty and femininity with this unique party accessory!

100% handmade in our workshop in Seville.

Envío del pedido entre 24-72 horas laborables a partir del día siguiente a la recepción del pedido, para España (incluido Baleares y Canarias) y Portugal. Más información. .


Welcome to the Fascinating World of Bougainvillea Embroidered Tulle Party Cloaks!


Fashion is an art form that allows us to express ourselves, and bougainvillea embroidered tulle party capes are the perfect addition to any special occasion. But what makes these capes so special?

The Bougainvillea Charm

The colour bougainvillea is not only visually striking, but also has a significant psychological impact. Find out why this shade has taken the fashion world by storm and how you can incorporate it into your personal style.

The Psychology of Colour

Delve into the psychology behind the colour bougainvillea and discover how it can influence your mood and how others perceive you. Did you know that colours can convey emotions?

Bougainvillea in Fashion Today

Explore the catwalks and the streets to discover how designers and fashionistas are embracing bougainvillea in their everyday choices. From celebrities to influencers, everyone is in love with this vibrant hue.