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Laser engraving on Zamak parts

In today’s post we tell you how is going this service that we have been offering for about two years, this recording service is done on zamak pieces… and some of you may wonder what is this zamak?

In another blog entry about a month ago we gave you a detailed explanation of what it was, but don’t worry, I’ll summarize it for you…Zamak is a mixture of several metals with the peculiarity that they give it a silver bath…but not a flash…but a good bath…and also made 100% in Spain.

Along our history (more than 30 years) we have been pioneers in selling zamak, and since a few years ago, this product has been and is a trend; because you can find it in many types strong>beads like pendants (there are a great variety like dragonflies, flowers, dolls, babies, boys and girls) chains, balls, pins of all kinds (now tubes are in fashion) etc.

The recording service on zamak pieces consists of the possibility of personalizing your complements to 100%, being able to choose on a great variety of pieces for bracelets, or for pendants or pendants. Choose the font, even if you want to engrave some drawing, and as last novelty we have at your disposal the engraving of photos. Awe differ from our competitors in that we don’t limit neither words nor images, our prices include everything, there are no limitations.

This key ring>/strong> is ideal to give away on a special date, for example the day of the lovers you give it to your partner with the calendar and the day when the love started and on the other side your two names, or the name of your favorite song, any drawing or whatever you can think of! Don’t you think it’s a nice gesture?

Another piece of recording we can show you is one for Mother’s Day or to celebrate the birthday or the saint of our dear and suffering mothers. What better and more original gift than to give them their own?
And the photos come out spectacular, imagine that you want to make a special photo a key ring, a necklace or a bracelet, because here you have the solution and also at an unbeatable price …

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