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Gluing Techniques


Today we are going to give you advice that will help you to make your complements in the best possible way. As well as informing you of all the latest news related to fashion and accessories.
We will start by giving you a few tips on how to use the different types of glues correctly:


The key to this glue is that it DOES NOT STAIN, so you can stick the glass without fear that it will lose its characteristic shine.

You can find this glue by clicking here

Sticking glitter on a base for slopes, or on any surface we want to decorate (from a mobile phone cover, to a lamp). When we talk about glitter, we refer to chatons or flatsbacks, or similes (conical base) of Swarovski Elements.

This glue is slow to set, meaning it takes 10 to 12 hours to set.


Another glue we use every day is the two-component glue. This glue is used to glue the rest of the materials, i.e. metal to metal (sticking a base to an earring screw); leather to metal (sticking a clasp to a leather to make a bracelet); resins, etc. It is a quick glue so in a matter of minutes it is glued and you have to be careful because it can stain.

One last piece of advice, in terms of brands, there is a great variety, but its cost is high, from this blog we propose you to use white brands, they are much cheaper, they go very well and above all, DO NOT USE known brands of glues that stick super hard and very fast, because they are very aggressive glues that end up eating the material to which you stick them, so the normal thing, is that things end up getting unstuck.

Without further ado, we send you a greeting from Vinda Selección, until the next one.

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