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Gift ideas for lovers

idea de regalo para enamorados

And we begin a new month as FEBRUARY, associated with VALENTINE’S DAY, which will be the next 14th. In this post, we want to give you some ideas to give away details that you can do at home, easy to execute and very well priced.

Today we don’t want to give you the story of Lovers’ Day, nor are we going to tell you the stories of CUPIDO, or anything like that. In this blog the goal is that you take ideas that can solve the ballot to give something to the lover easily and cheaply.

Because we want to help you solve the famous question of…


Well look, for the beloved we can give him a braided leather bracelet that we can decorate with a piece of zamak in the central part, very easy to make and super cheap.

This bracelet is very easy just glue the closure at the ends with double component glue and put in the center a couple of squares to decorate the bracelet a little, or leave it alone with the braided leather if the person to whom it is given is simpler.

There are also key chains engraved with laser, key chains made of zamak and therefore silver plated, very cool with which you can also give an original detail and above all customize it, you can put whatever you want, your name, the calendar with a special date marked, everything you can imagine can be embodied in a keychain, a bracelet or a necklace, you can see more details in the section of laser engraving.

A very cool gift for her can also be with this piece that puts the word LOVE you can give for a bracelet or choker type necklace.

With these ideas we say goodbye in today’s blog, we hope you find them useful and that you have a great day, and above all, be happy always and celebrate every day the DAY OF LOVE.

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