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Good afternoon artists! Today we would like to show you how to make a flamenco earring, in this case ideal for the Jerez fair, as we are already involved in this fair!

It is ideal for this fair as it is a flamenco ring for earrings that we have presented this season as a novelty, it comes stuffed (it seems deformed so original), has a diameter of 80 mm approximately, so it is a spectacular ring not to go unnoticed in the fair! Of course, it is 100% Spanish made, that is, it is a HIGH BISHOP ring.

On the top of the earring, we have thought of putting another of the star products this season, the already famous small vine leaf with a size of 19x19 mms approximately. Ideal to decorate the head of the earring.

It is a very easy earring to make, in the lower part we will show you how to make it.



  • Two gold flamenco rings.
  • Two 11 mm gold ring disc earrings
  • Two golden rings type 32005
  • Two small golden vine leaves
  • You only have to take a couple of steps to assemble this flamenco earring, on one side you have to glue the vine leaf to the screw, and once it is well glued, you have to hook the ring of the earring to the ring, and the earring would be finished! Easy, isn't it? We teach you in a simple tutorial how to do it, ok ?
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