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Do you know what it is… the Brass?


Type 1:FIRST TITLE BRASS ( zinc less than 34 %).
TYPE 2: SECOND TITLE BRASS ( zinc of 33-44%).
TYPE 3: THIRD TITLE BRASS ( zinc more than 44%)
brass 2

The brass used in jewellery has 15% zinc.
Brass is easy to machine, punch and cast, hence its widespread use in the jewellery industry. It is also resistant to oxidation, to saline conditions and is very malleable so it can be rolled into very thin sheets. Its malleability varies according to composition and temperature. In the case of the brass furniture it is very easy to mould at room temperature so these pieces have this added value in the creation of accessories.

Originally the brass has a golden color, which will shine if we polish it, quality by which also it is used in jewelry shop and goldsmith’s shop although we presented/displayed it mostly bathed reason why you can find it in shining gold, old gold, white bronze etc.

Other uses of this metal are in armaments, boilermaking, welding, the manufacture of coins and wind musical instruments, the construction of boats because it is not attacked by salt water and for its antimicrobial action, is used for the doorknobs of hospitals.

Among the various brass fittings we offer, we can find rings, sticks or canes, earring hooks, omega clasps, some chains and filigree bases.

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