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Beads and accessories for your flamenco dress


And with it, flamenco fashion comes out on the streets. We have already left behind the parades, the fashion shows, the magazines, the designers’ proposals for this year. Now it’s time to make it real; let all the women get beautiful dressed in flamenco!

Once you have chosen your outfit, new or not, the accessories give that magic touch that will complete the novelty of the outfit if you are making your debut or will allow you to feel divine again with the same dress as in other years.

We focus on the accessories which is our part of the job.   The fact that you can make them yourself opens up a wide range of possibilities, since you can choose the combination of colors, the type of earring ( earrings, tears, filigree, etc) even what type of closure you want to wear in your ear ( screw, omega, etc). And the same goes for the little combs, bracelets, necklaces, brooches for shawls or flowers for hair.

For all this we leave you some of our proposals.

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