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And Carnival is coming!

abalorios y adornos para disfraces

A popular event all over the world, in which despite the differences of each place, there are common elements: costumes, decorations, feathers, masks, street parties, parades…

Carnival, historically, is a time of permissiveness and lack of control that contrasts with Lent, which is the event that follows it. The eve of Ash Wednesday being the end of the festival.

Historians place the origin of Carnival in ancient Sumeria and Egypt, more than 5000 years ago. Similar celebrations were later held in the Roman Empire (Bacchus’ pagan festival: bacchanal) which spread the event to the rest of Europe, reaching America towards the end of the 15th century by Spanish and Portuguese navigators.

Among the most popular and well-known carnivals are the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil, which is the most popular, the Tenerife and Las Palmas Carnival in the Canary Islands and the Cadiz Carnival in Spain, the Cologne Carnival in Germany and the Venice Carnival in Italy. In addition to many others in different places in Latin America.

We are dedicated, as you know, to the sale of beads and trimmings for the creation of accessories. In this case, we offer you articles that can be used to make your own costumes and decorations for this date, such as feathers, colored studs, glass beads, trimmings, and many other details that you can use to decorate yourself.

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